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Frequently Asked Questions

Miro provides excellent service and tries to exceed your expectations. 

You can contact us through our main website or via email

Why are Miro humidifiers the cleanest?

Miro humidifiers are the world's cleanest humidifiers on the market due to its modular design. You can take apart every module that touches water and clean them with mild dish soap and sponge. Many third-party brands claim that they have the cleanest humidifier but this is false. Their ultrasonic engine is often embedded into the electrical component of the humidifier, making it impossible to clean. Miro humidifiers are different. All components that touch water can be cleaned with dish soap and sponge. No need to use any vinegar, bleach, and other chemicals. 

Just like any products, your Miro humidifiers will have wear and tear. You can easily replace any parts of your Miro humidifiers. If your Miro humidifier is out of warranty, simply replace the part that is not working and you will have a perfectly working humidifier again. 

Where can I get support?

You can email us at or message us on

Frequently Asked Questions

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