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UV+ Technology meets Miro humidifier.

Effortlessly humidify.

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The latest Miro humidifier. Feel the difference.

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At Miro, we strive to find innovative solutions to the problems commonly identified with daily-use appliances. If you’ve ever tried to clean a traditional humidifier or air purifier, for example, you know how difficult most companies make it. With some brands, it’s nearly impossible.

Miro’s products, on the other hand, are hygienic, aesthetically pleasing, and user-friendly.
That’s because we created a modern line of humidifiers and air purifiers to reflect our company values of health, safety,
and accessibility. No more struggling to clean your device - we make it easy with our modular features. When you buy
a Miro appliance, you can trust that it was engineered and designed with your well-being and comfort in mind.

Every single part that touches water can be easily and thoroughly cleaned


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I use this humidifier daily for myself and my spouse. I love that it is so easy to clean. I've owned other humidifiers but this one is the cleanest out of all.


I love how easy it is to clean and there is not a spot I can't scrub, which was not the case with all of my other humidifiers. It looks very classy and I love the LED colors.


Get the perfect humidity in your environment with the cleanest humidifier in the world


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Every humidifier uses a fan to generate a mist. But while other brands embed a small fan deep in the appliance, where it’s difficult or impossible to clean, Miro uses large, modular fans that create a better mist and facilitate easy cleaning. Our patented technology will
ensure your humidifier remains hygienic and high-functioning for years.

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