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Do You Have Any Shipping Discounts

Do You Have Any Shipping Discounts?

Understanding Miro's Shipping Costs

Recently, you may have noticed an increase in the shipping costs for your Miro orders. We want to explain this change transparently. The rise in shipping fees is largely due to increased charges from third-party logistics providers (3PLs) and carriers. These changes are a reflection of the broader industry trends in logistics and transportation, where operational costs have risen significantly.

Factors Affecting Shipping Costs

  • 3PL Charges: Third-party logistics providers, crucial in our supply chain, have raised their rates. This is due to higher demand for services, more complex supply chain challenges, and increased operational costs.
  • Carrier Rates: Major shipping carriers have also adjusted their pricing in response to market conditions, contributing to the overall increase in shipping costs.

We at Miro understand that these changes impact you, our valued customer, and we are continually working to optimize our shipping process to maintain cost-effectiveness.

Miro's Commitment to Affordable Shipping

Miro is dedicated to providing affordable shipping options while ensuring high-quality service. We are actively negotiating with our partners to reduce shipping costs wherever possible.

Special Shipping Discount for Our Customers

To support you, we are happy to offer a special shipping discount. Use the code shippingdiscount10 at checkout for a reduction in your shipping charges. This is our way of showing appreciation for your continued support and understanding.

How to Use the Discount Code

  • At Checkout: Simply enter shippingdiscount10 in the discount code field when you are finalizing your purchase.
  • Enjoy Immediate Savings: The discount will be applied to your shipping costs right away.

We hope this discount makes your shopping experience with Miro even more enjoyable. Our team is committed to providing the best service and value to our customers.

If you have any questions or need assistance, our customer support team is always here to help.

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