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Traveling With Your Baby

Traveling With Your Baby

Traveling alone can be difficult enough, but when you compound the normal stresses of travel with the care and attention it takes to care for a newborn it can be extremely difficult. Generally, the age that you will be able to travel with your baby is entirely dependent on the health of your newborn. You must regularly check up with your doctor to make sure that your baby is in proper health. This article will explore some things you should keep in mind when you travel and some tips to prepare you for your journey.

When is a Good Time to Travel with my Baby?

Your baby’s immune system is underdeveloped when they are in their first months. At this stage in their life, babies should be protected from any dangerous environment to ensure their immune system's health and proper development. Most doctors would advise against traveling with your newborn during their first few months because of the possible exposure to bacteria and pathogens during travel (Lannelli). Because of this, you should be in contact with your doctor if you plan to travel to see if it is safe for your newborn.

Be Prepared

Here are some helpful things to keep in mind when you travel with your baby:

  • Bring Supplies
        • Before you travel, ensure you have all the essentials you will need to take care of your baby. You do not want to be in a situation where you forgot to bring a necessity that your newborn needs. Create a checklist before you travel with all the things your baby needs on a daily basis and then make sure you bring all those items when you travel.
  • Bring People
        • As we have mentioned before, it can be difficult enough to travel on your own. Try to see if anyone is available to go on the trip with you to ease the burden of caring for your newborn by yourself. If you have a partner, do your best to bring them to share the work needed to travel with your baby properly.
  • Humidifier
        • You do not know the cleanliness of the environment that you will be sleeping in when you are traveling. To ensure that you are in a clean environment for your newborn, I would recommend bringing along a humidifier that can humidify the air and prevent any bacteria or pathogens from spreading. The Miro MH7000 is something I take with me whenever I travel with my family. This model is easy to assemble/ clean and is built with UV technology, perfect for sanitizing the air you breathe. This is another consideration you can make.
  • Fly Non-Stop
        • If your baby is especially young, make sure to get a non-stop flight to prevent any continued exposure to different bacteria and pathogens in different cities. Additionally, this will help ease the stress of traveling if you know that you are going to only one destination.
  • Cleaning Supplies
      • Airports are some of the dirtiest places in the world with the number of passengers that pass through every day. When you are traveling, bring some cleaning supplies like wipes to clean surfaces that you or your baby might touch.
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