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MH7000 (UV+ Tech)

by Miro

Original price $350.00
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Original price $350.00
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Current price $299.00
  • Sanitary washable design. Take apart easily, wash every surface. Refill the 4.8L bowl without stopping operation. Easy top fill.
  • Miro humidifiers are the only humidifiers that can be cleaned thoroughly. You can clean every part that touches water with just dish soap and sponge. 
  • Silent operation for you and your family. Perfect for bedrooms, spas, offices, and other large spaces.  
  • MH7000 comes with built-in humidity sensor. Set the desired humidity and the humidifier will automatically adjust mist output. 
  • Completely new Miro engine and fan design for maximum, efficient output.
  • MH7000 is dishwasher safe.
  • MH7000 engine has UV module.
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UV Technology

Maintain cleanliness around the clock with Miro's UV technology.

Floor Humidifier

Reclaim your bedside table space with the MH7000 floor humidifier.

Dishwasher Safe

Modules that come in contact with water can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher.

The Floor Humidifier You've Been Waiting For Is Here

Dishwasher Ready

Dishwasher Ready

The world's easiest-to-clean humidifier has now become even easier to clean! The MH7000 floor humidifier can be effortlessly cleaned both inside and out. You can simply pop it in the dishwasher* and forget about it!

*Please handwash smaller parts and mist-maker engine. Do not wash the touch station.

Stainless Use Steel (SUS)

The MH7000 water tank is made from the highest grade stainless steel, with the top portion created using SUS304 and the bottom portion created with SUS430. This combination of materials ensures that the water tank is not only durable, but also induction-ready*.

*Please note that the Miro humidifiers should not be placed over a gas stove. The photo is a demonstration.

Understand Quickly

Understand Quickly

The MH7000 humidifiers come with sensors that are capable of reading the temperature and relative humidity levels. When paired with miroT, you can connect the MH7000 with any smart home system and the Miro smart home application available for both iOS and Android.

For Light Sleepers

For Light Sleepers

The MH7000 LED lights can be set in two different modes: cool and warm. When set to the brightest setting, it creates a great ambiance. You can also dim the LED lights to use them as a night light, or turn them off completely to enjoy the cleanest mist in complete darkness.

Miro UV+ Technology

Miro UV+ Technology

Upon powering on, the sterilization process commences instantly, guaranteeing a sanitized environment from the get-go. This is achieved by the implementation of state-of-the-art UV-C 99.99% self-sterilization, accompanied by advanced Miro sterilization technology that enables the device to self-sterilize without any dependence on disinfectants or filters.

The Cleanest Humidifier

The Cleanest Humidifier

Cleaning your Miro humidifier is a breeze, requiring nothing more than dish soap and a sponge. You can effortlessly clean every surface that comes into contact with water, ensuring a thorough and hygienic cleaning process.

How to Assemble MH7000

Learn About MH7000

Customer Reviews

Based on 65 reviews
Easy to set up and working well

I just got this a week ago. So far I am pleased with both the ease of operation and the way it has helped moisturize the room. The automatic setting appears to work well in regulating the amount of moisture emitted. I am hopeful that this appliance turns out to be durable - time will tell.


I can truly relax and enjoy the benefits of this outstanding humidifier without any annoying noise

Barbara J.

I am more than satisfied with the quality and performance I got for the price!


Pretty good and the stylish appearance has received numerous compliments from friends and family

David L.

The MH7000 by Miro is the best humidifier I've ever owned!