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Do you deal with persistent nosebleeds? Have you tried various methods and nothing seems to work? Fortunately, this article explores the reasons behind your nosebleeds along with some tips that can help treat your nosebleeds. The annoyance stemming from nosebleeds is not something that has to be a permanent fixture in your life. If you take the proper steps, you can entirely prevent or at least lessen the frequency of your nosebleeds.


Your nosebleeds can be caused by several various factors. In this section, I will go over some of the most common causes of nosebleeds for most people.

  • Allergies
        • One of the main symptoms of allergies is nasal congestion. When you blow your nose to relieve your congestion, you are putting stress on the blood vessels in your nose that are extremely sensitive. After enough time rubbing and blowing your nose, you will increase the likelihood that you will rupture a blood vessel in your nose causing a nosebleed.
  • Dryness
  • Touching Your Nose
      • Picking or rubbing your nose can trigger a nosebleed. You want to limit the number of times you touch or rub your nose to decrease the chance that you trigger a nosebleed when you are touching your nose. Your nose is one of the more sensitive parts of your body because of the delicate nature of the membranes in your nose.


    Now that you know some of the common causes of nosebleeds, we can now look at some tips to help treat and prevent your nosebleeds.

  • Increase Humidity
        • If you want to limit the risk of you developing a bloody nose, you want to be in an environment that is humidified at a level where the membranes in your nose can be protected. A humidifier, like the Miro NR08M, would be a perfect solution if your nose is too dry. The Miro NR08M comes with humidity sensors that regulate the environment to optimal humidity with additional controls to find the perfect humidity levels for your nose. It’s known that some humidifiers are difficult to clean and manage. Luckily, the Miro NR08M is the easiest humidifier on the market to clean and assemble. Every single part can be cleaned with just soap and water. This is the humidifier for you.
  • Do Not Touch Your Nose
        • Another consideration you should make is the frequency with which you touch your nose. If you find that you are a person who constantly touches your nose, try your best to re-wire your habits so that you limit the number of times that you physically touch your nose.
  • Talk To Your Doctor
        • Reach out to your doctor if you are worried that your nosebleeds are caused by allergies. Your doctor will be able to individualize your health care allowing you to find the root cause of your allergies.

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