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Snoring Too Much?

Snoring Too Much?

Is your snoring disturbing the people around you too much? Or, is your snoring disrupting your normal sleep cycles preventing you from getting the proper rest you need? If you find yourself in this situation, this article is for you. I will explore the causes behind your snoring and some tips to help your breathing while you sleep.

Causes of Snoring

There can be multiple causes for your snoring. If you are older, you are more likely to snore because your airways become smaller as you get older (Cleveland Clinic). Certain substances like alcohol are also known to restrict your airways when you sleep. Another common cause of snoring is allergies and sickness. When you are suffering from allergies or congestion from a sickness your airways can be blocked because of the mucus that builds up. Finally, there is a correlation between weight gain and the frequency of snoring.

Why does Snoring Matter?

Snoring may seem like something that can be easily dismissed, but your snoring can actually be preventing you from getting the proper rest you need. If you find yourself constantly snoring and tired during the day, you probably suffer from the effects of inconsistent sleep. You should be mindful of your health when it comes to your sleep, you do not want to be unwittingly doing things to your health that can have negative consequences.

Tips to Improve Your Snoring

  • Eat Healthily
        • There is a strong relationship between snoring and weight gain. You want to be mindful of the things that you put into your body. Fatty foods, or foods that are heavily processed, have negative effects on your physical health. A healthy diet should incorporate fresh foods and vegetables to help you get the optimal rest you need. If you struggle cooking meals, plan out your meals in advance to save you the time and effort of cooking your meals every day.
  • Humidifier
        • A humidifier can improve the quality of your sleep, and help with your snoring. Humidifiers lubricate the air you breathe, making it easier for your body for normal respiratory functions. A humidifier like the Miro NR08M would be perfect for your bedroom. The NR08M is easy to assemble and clean, plus it comes with humidity sensors that ensure that your room is at the optimal humidity level. I would recommend checking out the humidifier models produced by Miro.
  • Clean
        • When you are sick, you are more likely to snore because of the congestion. Try your best to prevent catching any sickness by thoroughly cleaning your home often. You can do this easily by wiping down surfaces often and wearing a mask when you are in public. Simple steps like this can have positive effects on your health.
  • Doctor
      • If these tips aren’t improving your ability to sleep properly, you should consult with your doctor. Your doctor will be able to help you with your health in a personalized manner. You must consult with your doctor if your snoring is impeding your everyday life.
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