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by Miro

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Completely Washable Modular Humidifier, Easy to Clean, Easy to Use, Large Room - Cool Mist, Sanitary, Top-Fill Ultrasonic Humidifier with Whisper Quiet and Powerful Output



Brand Miro
Capacity 1.3 Gallons
Floor Area 600 Sq Ft


About this item

  • Completely washable, easy-to-clean sanitary design. All modules can be washed without any special equipment.
  • Miro’s 4th generation powerful ultrasonic mist-maker engine allows 8 hours of continuous operation at maximum power, and more than 24 hours at minimum power. 600 sq. ft. maximum coverage.
  • Refill the 1.3 gallons(5liters) bowl without stopping operation.
  • Miro’s NR07S received IFDesign Award for its elegant and modern design that blends with most environments.
  • Universal (220v-110v) to 26v DC Electrical Adapter. USA 2-prong plug, UL Certified. 


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Guarding the Invisible: A Father's Commitment

Guarding the Invisible: A Father's Commitment

Born from a father's unwavering commitment to protect his child battling pediatric asthma, Miro has revolutionized the humidifier industry with the NR07S, leading the charge as the world's cleanest humidifier company. This journey started with a simple, yet powerful vision: to create products that families can use confidently, knowing their loved ones are shielded from the invisible threats that accompany everyday life.


Why should I choose the NR07S humidifier over other brands?

The NR07S stands out for its unparalleled cleanliness and innovative design, conceived from a father’s commitment to protect his family, especially those vulnerable to respiratory conditions. It’s not just a humidifier; it’s a testament to safety and reliability in your home, ensuring that the air your family breathes is moist and clean.

What makes the NR07S the "cleanest" humidifier on the market?

Our unique design allows for complete disassembly and easy cleaning, ensuring that every corner can be reached and no bacteria or mold can hide. This level of cleanliness helps protect against asthma and allergies, making it ideal for families seeking a healthier living environment.

How user-friendly is the NR07S humidifier?

Designed with the user in mind, the NR07S is remarkably easy to assemble, disassemble, and clean. It features intuitive controls and maintenance indicators, making it accessible for anyone to use and maintain optimal humidity levels in their home.

How easy is it to maintain the NR07S humidifier, and do I need to send the unit back for repairs

Maintaining the NR07S humidifier is incredibly easy, thanks to its modular design. This innovative feature means you never have to send back the unit for maintenance or repairs. Instead, if a part ever needs replacing, you can simply order the specific component and swap it out yourself, without any hassle. This design not only ensures your humidifier is always operating at its best but also significantly extends the lifespan of your device, making it a cost-effective and convenient choice for your home.

How does the longevity of Miro's mist makers compare to those of other brands?

One of the common issues with humidifiers from other brands is that their mist makers tend to break down more frequently. This is often due to a design that makes it impossible to clean the mist maker thoroughly, leading to buildup and eventual failure. In contrast, Miro's mist makers are designed for longevity, typically lasting 1-2 years. When it's time for a replacement, you don't need to purchase a whole new humidifier. Simply replace the mist maker, and your NR07S will be as good as new. This approach not only ensures a longer lifespan for your humidifier but also supports a more sustainable and cost-effective solution for maintaining optimal indoor air quality.

Elevating Home Health: Miro's Pledge for Safer, Simpler Humidification

Elevating Home Health: Miro's Pledge for Safer, Simpler Humidification

Miro redefines confidence in home care, prioritizing products that promise safety for families, from children to grandparents. Recognizing the challenge traditional humidifiers pose—hard to clean, prone to bacteria and scale—we've innovated for the better. Our design breakthroughs, born from relentless research and experimentation, tackle these hygiene hazards head-on. Miro stands for safety and simplicity, transforming humidification into a worry-free, health-promoting task for every home.

When It's Time To Change Parts

With Miro, swapping parts is a snap—no returns, no fuss. Our humidifiers are crafted for convenience, featuring a modular design that lets you refresh components in moments. Keep your air pure and your device in peak condition, effortlessly. Embrace hassle-free upkeep with Miro and breathe in the difference. Quick fixes, lasting purity.

Customer Reviews

Based on 71 reviews
Amazing product, but terrible after-sales service

Yes. The humidifiers are quiet and easy to clean. But after-sales services are non-existent. I needed help to purchase some parts. There are no numbers to call. Nobody responds to emails, Instagram, or the chat feature on their website. If your product needs any support or parts need replaced, good luck with that.

Valerie Tappauf

It has been 14 days and I emailed twice, I still down have my NR07S and tracking the package shows it in California

Hanjin Yoo


Sara Johns
Breathe easy

Air is moist. Plants and skin happy!

Nathan Laffin
yes and no


way too complicated/complex
unnecessary parts/assembly
lacking basic UI (fill line? clear icons?)