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Are UV Humidifiers Worth It?

Are UV Humidifiers Worth It?

When buying a humidifier, you may come across some models with “ultraviolet” (UV) technology. What does this mean? This article will go over the benefits of ultraviolet technology and some things you should consider when deciding whether to purchase a humidifier with UV technology.

What is Ultraviolet Light and How Does it Work?

You may have heard about ultraviolet light when it comes to getting sunburns, but what exactly is it? Ultraviolet light is a type of electromagnetic radiation that primarily comes from the sun (Lucas). UV radiation can be damaging to things like skin in concentrated exposure. However, there are some benefits to ultraviolet technology when it comes to sterilization. How does this work? UV radiation can break chemical bonds because of its high energy–killing bacteria, pathogens, and germs. This is also why ultraviolet can have such a damaging effect on your skin as ultraviolet light has the potential to damage the DNA of your body that has prolonged exposure.

What are the Benefits of Ultraviolet in Humidifiers?

Even though ultraviolet light presents many risks, ultraviolet light can provide many benefits if used properly. If kept unclean, humidifiers can present many health risks to the people around them. Mold and bacteria are known to grow in the wells of humidifiers that are not cleaned properly. The health effects of breathing in mold can be severe: respiratory issues, skin irritation, and sneezing, among other symptoms. This is where UV technology presents some advantages. Humidifiers that are built with UV technology are not at risk of the dangers of mold and bacteria growth. The technology works through UV light sanitizing the water that is going to be emitted into the air. The UV technology is capable of killing up to 99.9% of bacteria and mold growth that is emitted by the humidifier, protecting your loved ones from the polluted air. If you have children, it is worthwhile to consider a humidifier that is built with UV technology as they are more sensitive to the effects of polluted air than adults. An example of a humidifier that has UV capabilities, is the Miro MH7000. The Miro MH7000 is one of the larger-capacity humidifiers that Miro offers. It is built with Miro’s state-of-the-art technology, making the entire humidifier washable with just soap and water. Most mold growth is caused by humidifiers that are not properly cleaned. A humidifier like the Miro MH7000, which can be entirely cleaned with just water and soap, is a game changer in terms of protecting the health of your loved ones from polluted air. Finally, the Miro MH7000’s UV capabilities are yet another reason to consider this humidifier as the UV technology ensures, by killing bacteria that could be present in your water well, the health of those who breathe in the mist from the humidifier. If you want to guarantee that your humidifier doesn’t release any bacteria in the air, a humidifier built with UV technology might be your best option for protecting your health.

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