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Which Miro Humidifier is the Best Option for My Baby?

Which Miro Humidifier is the Best Option for My Baby?

Miro offers a range of humidifiers that meet the needs of thousands of consumers each year. However, it can be difficult to determine which humidifier provides the best possible experience with Miro’s various humidifiers. When deciding which humidifier is right for your child’s health, it is essential to thoroughly understand the respective humidifiers that Miro produces to see which one matches your needs. This article will go over the various Miro humidifiers considering the features of each humidifier and its relation to your newborn’s health.

The NR07 Series

The NR07 Series (NR07S/ NR07G) offers reasonable options for parents looking for a sleek humidifier that is reasonably priced. The NR07S and NR07G models, like all Miro humidifier models, are completely washable with just warm water and soap. The tank can be quickly filled with its Top-Fill Ultrasonic design in addition to its nearly silent operation. The NR07 Series is limited in some respects by its analog controls and lack of digital connectivity that are found in some other models. However, if you are looking for a humidifier that gets the job done at a reasonable price the NR07 Series might be for you.

The NR08 Series

The NR08 Series (NR08M) offers many of the same benefits as the NR07 Series– easily washable, Top-Fill Ultrasonic Design, nearly silent operation– with the added benefits of enhanced digital connectivity and a more modern design. The touch panel controls give the user more control of the mist output of the device, timer settings, and light settings, all controlled by the touch station. When considering a humidifier for your newborn, the NR08 Series’ increased user control makes it a better option for your child’s health. Considering that babies can be negatively affected by humidifiers that produce too much mist, the ability to control the mist output on the NR08M could be a lifesaver. In addition, the LED lighting on the NR08M delivers a soothing atmosphere to your child’s sleeping area with the ability to change the pattern of the lights or just entirely shut them off. If you are looking for a humidifier that can deliver the most user control with efficient mist output, the NR08 Series is the best option.

The NR Max and the MH7000

The NR Max and the MH7000 are Miro’s most powerful humidifiers. When considering the best humidifier for your child’s health, the NR Max and MH7000 might not be the best option. Both the NR Max and the MH7000 are designed to humidify larger spaces than the typical bedroom a newborn would sleep in. Even though designed with the same world-class technology and unique features as a temperature sensor, the NR Max and the MH7000 are probably not your best bet.


If you are looking for a humidifier that can offer cutting-edge technology for a more affordable price, the NR07 Series is for you. However, with its digital connectivity, increased user control, and ease of use, the NR08 Series (NR08M) is the best choice for your newborn.

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