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Where to Place Your Humidifier in Your Room

Where to Place Your Humidifier in Your Room

You just bought a humidifier, but where should you place it? Deciding the optimal placement for your humidifier is one of the most important considerations to make with your brand-new humidifier. There are various factors that you must consider when choosing where to place your humidifier, some of which can impact both your health and those around you. This article addresses some of the factors you should consider when determining the ideal spot for your humidifier.

The Size of the Room

The size of your room is an important determining factor in relation to the position of your humidifier. Before deciding where in your room you should place your humidifier, it is essential to recognize the humidifier model that is optimal for your room. If you bought a humidifier meant for larger areas, it would not be a good idea to use the humidifier in a room that is too small. This can run the risk of letting the humidity level rise too much, which can have negative consequences on your health. Some humidifier models, like the Miro MH7000 and Miro NR08 Series, come with adjustable sensors that control the humidity level of the room to the desired level. A large humidifier without these sensors would be too great a risk to use in a bedroom. Once you have determined the humidifier model you have bought and whether it would be functional in your bedroom, you can then focus on the specific placement of your humidifier.

The Placement of the Humidifier

The ideal placement of your humidifier depends on multiple variables. Do you have an infant who sleeps in your room? If so, your humidifier should be placed at least three feet from the baby’s nursery to prevent any injury to the child and overexposure to humidified air (Canopy). Warm mist humidifiers should not be placed anywhere near an infant; the scalding liquid from the humidifier might cause injury to a child. Luckily, some humidifiers, like those made by Miro, use ultrasonic technology that negates the potential dangers of warm mist humidifiers. Ultrasonic humidifiers are some of the safer humidifier models available. The ultrasonic humidifiers do not produce heat, rather using vibrations to create mist output (LivePure). However, if you are not sleeping with an infant or a child, the best possible location for your humidifier would be somewhere near your bed. The humidifier should be in an elevated position to allow the humidified air to spread more easily. The humidifier you use should be relatively close to the bed for health benefits. By keeping the humidifier near your bed, you can ensure a restful night’s sleep. The humidified air produced by the humidifier will aid with any congestion or respiratory issues that you may suffer from. Not only will a humidifier help you obtain better rest, but will also prevent sickness as the humidified air makes it more difficult for bacteria and pathogens to travel through the air. Remember to monitor the humidity levels in your room to make sure that your room is at the ideal humidity level for your health.

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