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Using Humidifiers for Seasonal Allergies

Using Humidifiers for Seasonal Allergies

How humidifiers can help allergies

Maintaining an ideal level of Relative humidity (RH) is one way to relieve the discomfort and symptoms of seasonal allergies. The inflammation of the nasal mucosa caused by nasal congestion and irritation can be reduced by breathing in higher humidity air. According to the CDC, it is recommended that you maintain a level of 40-60% of relative humidity in your environment.


Ensure you find the optimal location to place your humidifier.

Importance of cleaning your humidifier(s)

Using dirty humidifiers can lead to additional health problems. Traditional humidifiers like Vicks and Levoit are very difficult to clean due to their product design. Normally, our competitors' humidifiers are designed so that the water reservoir is placed on top of a bottom compartment that has electrical parts built in them. This design makes it almost impossible to reach into all corners of the humidifier. In fact, Vicks and Levoit recommend using harmful chemicals when cleaning your humidifier as shown below 😱:



Miro humidifiers are unlike these difficult to clean humidifiers. Our humidifiers are designed with users in mind; you can clean it very easily. Miro customers do not have to use harmful chemicals to clean their humidifiers. In fact, we recommend using baby dish soap or regular dish soap to clean your Miro humidifier.

Here are some of the user-uploaded videos showing how easy it is to clean Miro humidifiers:

Over one million users all over the world love our easy-to-clean, powerful NR08M humidifier. If you don't love the product you can always return it to us free of charge.

Here are our official videos showing how easy it is to clean and use your Miro humidifier:

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