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Tips for Newborns and Their Sleep

Tips for Newborns and Their Sleep

To be frank, newborns sleep a lot. On average, a newborn will sleep between 14-17 hours a day ( The copious amounts of sleep that newborns get can make it difficult to gauge what exactly are the best practices for parents to do for their newborn child. From changing sleeping patterns to various products that can help your child achieve the best sleep possible, this article will explore what you can do to improve your baby’s sleep.

What to Understand About Your Newborn’s Sleep

Newborn babies sleep in irregular patterns and pretty infrequently. Because of the small stomachs of infants, newborns will wake up often to eat, making it difficult for parents to find both a consistent sleeping and eating pattern. Keeping this in mind, parents must understand that they will need to form their sleeping patterns around the baby rather than the other way around. It is essential not to try to force your baby into a sleeping pattern, as this will disrupt their normal growth and development. Finally, a newborn’s irregular sleeping pattern only lasts for the first few months. As time goes on in your baby’s development, you can form a more consistent sleeping pattern for your child that will benefit you as a parent and your infant.

How to Improve Your Baby’s Sleep

Again, the importance of formulating your sleeping schedule around your baby is paramount. Attempting to do the opposite can have harmful consequences for your baby and make your life as a parent that much more stressful. A pacifier is a simple object that can be used with a newborn infant. A pacifier offers the baby an activity that can ease their stress before bed. The best and safest place for a baby to sleep is a crib preventing them from crawling about and accidentally injuring themselves. The baby’s environment is also important to consider when optimizing your baby’s sleep. A newborn should sleep in a relatively relaxed and quiet environment where they can fully get proper sleep. A humidifier, like the humidifiers offered by Miro, is an example of a product that can be used to help your baby get proper rest. With the Miro Humidifier, the cool mist produced can ensure that your baby’s respiratory functions are in check while dually moisturizing their skin. The Miro Humidifier can be easily cleaned, reducing the risk of mold and bacteria growth that other humidifiers suffer from. Additionally, it is recommended that the baby sleeps in the same room as the parent for the first few months. This ensures that the baby is constantly being monitored and that the baby if awakened, is near someone that could easily cater to the infant’s needs. There is no way around it: raising a baby is difficult. But, by keeping these things in mind when raising your child, you can mitigate many of the stresses that come from raising a newborn child.

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