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Things to Avoid With Your Baby

Things to Avoid With Your Baby

You don’t want your baby to get hurt! Because you don’t want anything bad to happen to your child, it is important to take the necessary precautions to protect your baby from any potential danger. For this article, I will be talking about products that you should avoid getting and certain products that I recommend as an alternative.


Your baby's crib actually doesn’t need that much bedding. In fact, certain bedding products can pose a safety risk to your baby. It would be best to keep your baby’s crib as minimal as possible.


Don’t worry your baby needs toys! But excessive toys or toys that pose potential risks to your baby’s health are not ok. Especially during their first few months, your baby will not need that many toys as they are not fully capable of playing.


I thought that humidifiers are good for your health; don’t they help with your breathing? This is true! The problem is certain humidifier models pose potential risks to your baby. For example, warm mist humidifiers are known to be a potential burn risk when around infants. There are some humidifier models, like ultrasonic models, that are safe for children. I recommend the Miro NR08M model. Miro humidifiers are entirely safe to use around children and easy to manage.

Expensive Clothing

It may seem like a good idea to buy a lot of expensive clothing for your brand-new baby, but I recommend holding off on those purchases. Your baby will be constantly growing so these clothes will be short-lived. Unless you have the means to freely spend your money on clothes, this is something that you should avoid.


During the first few months of your baby’s life, you should limit the number of people that interact with your baby. Your baby’s immune system is undeveloped which puts them at a higher risk of catching illnesses. If you do allow visitors, make sure that all the guests wash their hands before and after they interact with your baby.

Not Cleaning

You do not want to raise your baby in a dirty environment. A dirty environment poses many more risks for an infant than a properly cleaned environment. Your baby could catch an illness from something that is not cleaned. Or, something sharp could be lying on the ground and your baby can accidentally step on it. These things are entirely preventable. It is essential that you keep your baby in an environment that is safe and suitable for their needs.

Leaving Your Baby With Your Pet

You should never leave your baby alone with a pet. You never know how your pet will interact with your child when you are not present. When you leave your baby unattended with your pet, you are exposing your child to needless danger. If you leave the house and cannot take your baby or pet, have someone house-sit. Do not take the risk of leaving your baby alone with your pet.

Giving Your Baby A Mask

It is true– wearing a mask can prevent the spread of many pathogens. However, they are unnecessary for infants and potentially dangerous. The mask could make it more difficult for your baby to breathe. For your infant, it would be best to stay away from masks.

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