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  • Tips to Get Better Rest
    February 4, 2023

    Tips to Get Better Rest

    It can be challenging to get adequate rest in this day and age. With the amount of technology at our fingertips, it can be hard to disconnect ourselves from the digital world and achieve proper rest. It is even more difficult to get the rest you require when you are raising an infant. To counteract this, one should limit their use of digital devices before going to bed, as staring at screens produce a blue light that tricks your brain into thinking it's time for sleep. Additionally, consistent sleeping patterns are important as inconsistent times stress your body. A humidifier can also help if you have difficulty breathing while sleeping, such as with the Miro NR08M model which has humidity sensors and is easily assembled and managed. When raising children, it is essential to set a regular sleep/nap schedule that gives you enough time for yourself and time for them. Exercise too plays an important role in enabling proper rest—even taking a walk daily or playing with young children will suffice! Finally, having proper dietary habits such as avoiding certain sugary or fatty foods may also assist in improved sleep cycles.

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  • How to Relieve Stress in Your Home
    January 22, 2023

    How to Relieve Stress in Your Home

    It's important to recognize the everyday stressors that can arise in our homes, and know how to manage them. The connected world we live in can make it difficult to distinguish between your home as a space for work versus relaxation. There are easy measures you can take that have a positive impact on reducing and managing stress. Going outside regularly and taking a few moments away from work helps keep your work/life balance in check while physical activity and outdoor activities are known to help alleviate some of the pressures associated with being at home. Ultimately, however, remember to relax—taking time for yourself is essential when looking after both mental and physical health.
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