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New NR08M Cream White

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New NR08M Cream White

Introducing the new NR08M in cream white. Combat dry air, allergies, and illness with a safe, effective, and beautiful humidifier.

With a fourth-generation humidifier engine, the NR08M cream white is up to date with the newest technology. The ultrasonic mist-maker uses a ceramic diaphragm that vibrates at an ultrasonic frequency to create water droplets that will exit the humidifier as a cool mist via a small fan within the central unit.

The NR08M cream white has an all-new design that is all white with a back-lit control panel. The LEDs give off a soft white glow so as not to disturb your sleep and the control panel is touch activated so that you can change the settings with a simple touch. The control panel also has other options so you can change the light, power, and set a timer.

The humidifier is sleek and offers a minimal design that fits right in with your home. Miro has won IF Design Awards and Reddot Design Awards which attest to the simple design that is not only easy to clean but is easy on the eyes and is loved by one million moms.

The parts that comprise the NR08M cream white are easy to assemble, clean, and take apart. Fight off mold and white dust with a simple wash. You can wash each piece thoroughly with dish soap so you can be sure that the mist you are breathing in is clean and free of harmful chemicals. The NR08M comes with two spouts - the volcano spout and the teakettle spout. It also comes with a piece that helps reduce drip and noise so that you can customize your humidifier to your comfort.

The bowl of the NR08M also serves as the water tank. The bowl holds one gallon of water and lasts up to 24 hours while on the minimum power setting. It is recommended that you maintain a 40-60% relative humidity in your home and clean the humidifier every 2-3 days for optimal benefits. 

Miro humidifiers are loved by moms all over the world. Give your family only the best with Miro.

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