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Is Your Baby Overtired?

Is Your Baby Overtired?

Have you ever been so tired that you are unable to sleep? How is this possible? It is called being “overtired” and it is caused by the incongruous relationship between our physical state and mental state. For example, you might be unable to sleep, even though you are physically tired, because of anxiety, fear, or some other mental hindrance that is keeping you from getting proper rest (Ball). Although this might seem like an “adult problem,” newborns are actually known to suffer from overtiredness. In order to ensure that your baby is getting proper rest for their developmental growth, you must be on the lookout for the signs that your baby might be suffering from overtiredness.

What Causes Overtiredness in Babies

There are numerous variables when it comes to your infant’s sleep. The environment your newborn sleeps in has an impact on your baby’s ability to sleep. If your baby is trying to sleep in an environment that is too loud, it can cause your baby’s anxiety to spike prohibiting your baby from getting proper rest. Generally, babies suffer from overtiredness when they are unable to sleep due to anxiety caused by the environment around them. When caring for your baby, it is essential to limit the number of stressors in their environment to sustain healthy sleep patterns.

Symptoms of Overtiredness in Babies

Because babies need more sleep a day than adults, the symptoms of overtiredness can have profound effects on your baby’s physical and mental health. Just missing a single nap can cause overtiredness in your baby. How will you notice that your baby is overtired? You will begin to observe that your baby is more irritable– throwing food around, frequent crying, and frantic activity. Your baby will also be generally more lethargic when it comes to physical activity. These symptoms are seemingly easy to dismiss, but being on the lookout for them to get your baby’s sleep schedule back on track is crucial in making sure that your baby is growing healthily.

What You Can Do to Prevent Overtiredness

Luckily, there are simple steps you can take to prevent overtiredness in your baby. The most important step is to make sure that the environment your newborn is sleeping in has a limited amount of stressors. Ensure that your baby sleeps in a room that is properly-suited for optimal sleep. What does this mean? Limit the amount of sound in the room your baby is sleeping in to allow your baby to properly rest. You might also consider products that can help your baby sleep adequately. For example, the use of a humidifier, like those produced by Miro, can aid your baby’s sleep. The Miro NR08 would be a perfect option for parents as it has smart home capabilities, sensors that control the humidity levels in the room, along with the added health benefits of a humidifier. Practically, you can establish consistent sleep patterns for your newborn by putting them to bed when they are tired and limiting the amount of screen time around your infant.

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