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Introducing The NR07S Humidifier

Introducing The NR07S Humidifier

Miro is proud to introduce a new addition to the 07 series humidifiers: NR07S!

Miro NR07S Humidifier is a completely washable modular humidifier. It is designed for large rooms. The modular design makes it extremely easy-to-clean and easy-to-use. Enjoy the sanitary cool mist, top-fill ultrasonic humidifier with whisper quiet and powerful output.

Basic Information

  • Color: Grey & White
  • Brand: Miro
  • Capacity: 1.3 Gallons
  • Floor Area: 600 Square Feet

About this item

  • Completely washable, easy-to-clean sanitary design. All modules can be washed without any special equipment.
  • Miro’s 4th generation powerful ultrasonic mist-maker engine allows 8 hours of continuous operation at maximum power, and more than 24 hours at minimum power. 600 sq. ft. maximum coverage.
  • Refill the 1.3 gallons(5liters) bowl without stopping operation.
  • Miro’s NR07S received IFDesign Award for its elegant and modern design that blends with most environments.
  • Universal (220v-110v) to 26v DC Electrical Adapter. USA 2-prong plug, UL Certified.

Easy-to-Clean, Completely Washable Miro NR07S Humidifier -- Parent’s Choice

Miro strives to make home appliances that are easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain. Miro humidifiers are modular and completely waterproof. They are easy to assemble, fix, and store. Miro products are recognized by international design committees for its elegant design and usability.

All humidifiers need to be cleaned frequently regardless of the brand. Most humidifiers need to sit in bleach or vinegar for more than 30 minutes in order to clean them. Miro humidifier even is the only humidifier that can be cleaned with just dish soap and sponge. Every surface is visible and washable including the mist-maker engine and fan. In different brands’ humidifiers, the mist-maker engine and fan are normally embedded into electrical components and collect dust. No more pumps, no more wet filters, and no more dirty fans.

If you have a dirty humidifier, you would be spraying contaminated water mist into the air then breathing the mists into your lungs. With a Miro humidifier, you can be assured that your environment is clean. You do not need any special tools or harsh chemicals to clean Miro humidifiers. Cleaning Miro humidifier is as easy as doing the dishes.

Miro Humidifier Features and Benefits

NR07S modules on drying rack after cleaning.

1. Clean every corner that touches water

Miro Humidifier is modular and opens in one motion. Every corner and surface contacting water is visible, reachable, and washable. You don’t need any special tools or harsh chemicals to clean Miro humidifier.

NR07S IFDesign Award 2018 Certification

2. Recognized by international design awards

Miro NR07S humidifier received IFDesign Award for its usability and elegant design. NR07S blends in almost any decor or ambiance.

NR07 Miro humidifier series top refill

3. Top-fill design and large water tank

Miro humidifier has an open top that makes it easy to refill the humidifier without interrupting operation. No more hassle with a bulky and upside down water tank. Miro NR07S humidifier comes with a 5 liter water tank that can run throughout the night.

4. Extremely quiet operation

Miro humidifier is nearly silent during its operation. Turn on the humidifier and let your family sleep comfortably. Noise muffler(included in the box) makes Miro humidifier as quiet as a professional recording room.

5. Powerful mist output

Miro humidifier’s aerodynamic patented design as well as Miro’s ever-evolving ultrasonic mist-maker engine creates powerful humidification. Miro NR07S puts out up to 500cc of water into the air which covers large rooms and offices.

6. Large water tank

Miro humidifier comes with a large water tank that can be filled easily. NR07S comes with a 5 liter water tank that can run throughout the night.

7. Automatic shut-off

Miro humidifier automatically shuts off when water level reaches a certain threshold. When the main unit stops floating, the mist-maker engine will signal the humidifier to automatically stop the operation. This maximizes user safety and usability.

8. BPA-Free, food grade plastic

Miro humidifier is made with BPA-Free food grade plastic. Our humidifiers are sanitary and safe. We do not recommend using any aroma oils with our humidifiers since it’s made with BPA-Free ABS plastic.

We at Miro strive to make home appliances that are easy-to-clean and easy-to-maintain. Our products come with a one year warranty.

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