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Chapped lips

Best Chapped Lips Remedy to Try This Winter

Cold dry air always sabotages your healthy lips. It's not just you, we all get chapped lips during the winter. It comes and goes every year, and it's extremely annoying. So what's the secret to getting rid of chapped lips?

If you have chapped lips, do...

1. Drink more water!

This is a bit obvious but continuing to hydrate is key. Chapped lips are one of the signals that let you know that your body needs more water.

2. Use good quality lip balm with SPF

SPF adds that additional layer of protection for your lips. Make sure you are researching the active ingredients used in lip balms before purchasing. Some lip balms can dry your lips in the long run!

3. Always use a humidifier

Humidifier is the best way to add moisture into your environment. Indoor air gets dry quickly because of dry heat coming out of your air conditioning unit. Get yourself a humidistat to see what the humidity level is in your environment. You want to keep the relative humidity of your environment between 40% and 60%.

As you know, any surface that touches water gets gross fast if the surface is not cleaned frequently. Just look at your bathroom sink or kitchen sink! They are high maintenance because tap water contains lots of mineral. Most humidifiers embed the ultrasonic engine and fan into the electrical component of the unit. This makes it virtually impossible to clean the humidifier.

Unfortunately, many humidifiers claim that they are "easy to clean". Just because you are cleaning the water tank portion of the humidifier does not mean the humidifier is getting cleaned properly. You must be able to clean the actual fan as well as the ultrasonic engine module to keep your humidifier clean. Dirty humidifiers can promote bacterial growth; dirty mist can be dangerous to your health.

Miro humidifiers were designed so that every single part that touches water can be cleaned with just dish soap and sponge. See the NR08M humidifier for yourself. Miro humidifiers are the only humidifiers that can be cleaned thoroughly with just dish soap and sponge.

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