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Back To School Shopping With Miro

Back To School Shopping With Miro

As summer begins to wind down, back to school shopping returns in preparation for the fall semester in schools and colleges. Now more than ever, families and schools will have to work together to keep students safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Many schools have opted to continue remote teaching as they did during the spring semester. While others plan to implement a hybrid model, where students will have some classes in-person and other classes that will be taught online. Whether you choose to send your child to in-person classes or have them stay at home for remote learning, equip them with the best tools to keep them healthy and safe.

Miro Safety Mask

Due to the risk of COVID-19, parents must provide their children with the best forms of protection. If you plan on sending your child to school, be sure to provide them with a mask. The CDC recommends cloth masks to be worn at all times. In case of an emergency or if you prefer disposable masks, the Miro Safety Masks come in a pack of five in both adult and child sizes. They provide ample room for speaking and breathing. The Miro Safety Mask is made with a non-woven MB filter, both KF94 and KN95 certified. Miro repurposed its HEPA filter manufacturing line for the Award-Winning Miro Air Purifier to create the Miro Safety Mask.

Miro Humidifiers

Better health starts at home. Even if you decide to send your child to in-person classes, maintaining a healthy environment at home is of the utmost importance. Miro humidifiers can help you achieve that.

Humidifiers provide a lot of health benefits for you and your family. By maintaining a relative humidity of 40-60% you can decrease the spread of germs, as seen in this study here. This level of relative humidity also helps with getting restful sleep and preventing dry sinuses and irritated skin. Humidifiers not only help keep you safe from disease but also keep you comfortable in your own home. Which is particularly helpful for students who are undergoing the stress of the school year.

With all the homework and various other activities that students engage in, their bodies are prone to stress and all of the negative side effects that come along with stress. When we are mentally stressed, our bodies respond with hormones and our immune systems become weaker. You can read more about why and how here. Younger individuals are generally healthier, but amidst the COVID-19 pandemic, it is not worth taking any risks when it comes to health. Getting proper rest and maintaining a healthy environment at home can help minimize the impact of stress on you and your family. The NR08M humidifier is great for children and babies because you can set a timer for shut-off and the level of mist produced can be changed with a simple tap of the control panel.

Though humidifiers come with many benefits, dirty humidifiers can be dangerous. With Miro’s sleek and simple designs, Miro humidifiers can be taken apart easily and cleaned thoroughly without the use of harsh chemicals. Be sure to use distilled water in your humidifiers to further prevent the build-up of minerals and white dust. With Miro humidifiers, you can keep your child healthy with peace of mind knowing that they are breathing in clean mist.

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