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7 Benefits Of Having A Clean Humidifier For Your Home Office

7 Benefits Of Having A Clean Humidifier For Your Home Office

Do you have a hard time keeping your home office in order? Are you constantly sneezing and dealing with a dry throat?

Dusty bookshelves, a blurry computer screen, and a cluttered desk are taking their toll on your health!

Maybe it's time to invest in a humidifier.

A humidifier will not only help keep the air moist, which can be beneficial if you suffer from allergies or asthma, but it can also help reduce static electricity and make your office a more comfortable place to work.

And in this article, we will go through some of the benefits of having a humidifier.

So without further ado, let’s get into the first benefit.

1. Make a Cough More Productive

A cough is your body's method of defending your lungs.

Mucus, often known as phlegm or sputum, might come up when you cough.

This mucus is what makes doctors call it a "wet" or "productive" cough because it helps rid the lungs of microbes.

And since dry air can cause a person to have a dry, unproductive cough, using a humidifier is essential to avoid this kind of cough.

Adding humidity to the air can get more moisture into the airways, which, in turn, loosens up the mucus in your lungs, and you will easily be able to cough it out.

2. Prevent Influenza

According to research published in PLOS ONE, humidifiers can aid in the reduction of the effects of the influenza virus.

Nebulized Influenza was released into the room, and samples were gathered to assess breathing stability before and after using a humidifier.

The result showed that viral particles were deactivated in a room with humidity levels above 40%.

Based on these results, we may safely conclude that utilizing a humidifier can help you keep your home office bacteria-free.

3. Reduce Snoring

When your air is dry, the tissues in your throat and nose become irritated, then inflamed, which will restrict the movement of air through your respiratory system.

This restricted airway is what causes you to snore at night.

Adding humidity to the air by running a humidifier at night can help to relieve some symptoms since it removes the dry air and gives you a little bit of relief.

4. Keep the Skin Moist

The skin can be deprived of essential moisture and hydration in dry climates.

As a result of this situation, the skin may become redder or itchier, and in some cases, chronic dryness can even cause tiny tears or wounds in the epidermis.

For this reason, utilizing a humidifier in the winter is necessary to maintain a pleasant and healthy moisture level on the skin.

5. Keep the Hair Healthy

When there isn't enough moisture in the air, your scalp's skin will become dry and irritated, just like the rest of your body.

This might cause your scalp to itch and exacerbate dandruff, and your hair may be damaged as well.

Dr. Engelman agrees that a humidifier can be beneficial for hair health. "A humidifier can help hair retain its natural moisture instead of it being pulled [from the strands] into the environment," she says.

She also emphasized that too much moisture in the air will not only benefit your hair but will also aid in maintaining the correct amount of moisture on your scalp.

6. Moist Air Can Be Beneficial for Your Houseplants

In the wintertime, when your home is being heated for longer periods of time, you risk drying up all the moisture in the air.

As a result, the level of humidity in your home can drop.

As said by Dr. Ted Myatt, an environmental specialist at North Carolina State University, “If the humidity drops too low, you’ll start to see problems with damage to your houseplants, such as brown leaf tips, shriveling stems, and leaves dropping off.”

Therefore, if you want your houseplants to flourish, then getting a humidifier will help prevent this issue.

7. Humidifiers Can Help Protect the Wood in Your Home

In the winter months, the weather can get really cold.

As a result, moisture in the air can freeze and attach to your home’s wood parts, causing the wood to crack.

Therefore, having a humidifier to increase the level of humidity in your home can help stop this from happening.

Why Miro Humidifiers

1. Safe Material

Unlike cheap plastic humidifiers that are sold at retail stores, Miro humidifiers are made from food-grade BPA-free plastic.

This is extremely important because plastics containing Bisphenol A (BPA) can be harmful to both children and pregnant women.

Additionally, since we are dealing with water, we made sure to waterproof each electrical component so that you never have to worry about an electrical failure.

Speaking of electricity, this Miro humidifier only gives off a small charge that is below the safety threshold of a typical human being, which means that there is no danger of electric shock.

2. Easy to Clean

If your humidifier isn't clean, this means that you will be breathing in its dirt and bacteria.

For this reason, it's extremely important to have an easy-to-clean humidifier.

Luckily, Miro humidifiers are very easy to clean. We designed the lid so that you can easily take it off and wash it with soap and water.

3. Quiet

Most humidifiers on the market have fans that are extremely loud. Sometimes the fan noise is so loud that it's hard to sleep next to.

Miro humidifiers, on the other hand, are designed with the latest technology and the quietest fan on the market so that you can sleep soundly.

4. Elegant Design

Without a doubt, there are some terribly designed air humidifiers on the market that can ruin your entire home design.

They look like they were made by a tech-illiterate parent company that wanted to produce an appliance that would help its customers but ended up with something that looked like a prop from a low-budget science fiction film.

But believe me, the Miro humidifiers are on another level!

These humidifiers come with a unique and modern design that will look great in any room of your house.

They're available in different colors as well, so you can choose the one that will look best in your home.

5. Smart Home Feature

Like everything else in today's world, Miro humidifiers have a smart home feature that lets you control your humidifier with your smartphone.

You won't have to wait until you return home, switch it on, and wait a few minutes for the humid temperature to chill your leg.

Rather, you will be able to use your smartphone to turn it on from any place and enjoy a pleasant environment once you put your leg inside.

What Are the Risks of Using Humidifiers?

As we mentioned, a humidifier can be useful in adding moisture to the air. However, there are certain dangers to consider.

1. Filthy Humidifiers Can Cause Problems

Humidifiers convert liquid water into breathable vapor in the air.

And if the water is unclean, then the vapor that the person breathes is also unclean, and it can cause issues.

How to prevent this problem from occurring?

  • A humidifier should be cleaned thoroughly according to the manufacturer's instructions on a regular basis.
  • Water in the humidifier should not be left for an extended period of time.
  • If the humidifier has a filter, change it regularly.

2. Too Much Humidity Is Dangerous

According to the United States Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the ideal indoor humidity levels are between 30 and 50 percent.

Humidity levels above 60 percent are dangerous. But do you know the reason?

Well, excessive humidity levels can make breathing difficult and exacerbate allergy symptoms.

As a result, anyone who uses a humidifier should also invest in a hygrometer or humidity meter to monitor humidity levels.

3. Unfiltered Water Can Be Harmful As Well

Unfiltered water has higher mineral content and other particles than filtered or distilled water.

While the humidifier is functioning, it will distribute these minerals into the air, and the user will breathe them in, which may cause health issues.

Therefore, many manufacturers advocate only using pure, clean water in their humidifiers.

4. Steam Burns Are Considered Too!

As we mentioned before, steam vaporizer humidifiers heat the water. As a result, the water inside it is boiling and can cause burns if spilled.

For this reason, you need to take special care if you have children and never place a warm-mist steamer in your children's bedroom.

Important Tips for Using a Humidifier in Your Home

Any time you use a humidifier, you should take care to use it properly.

Not only will this extend the life of your humidifier, but it can also ensure that you and your home receive benefits and are not adversely affected.

There are a few things you should always remember.

1. Always Use Distilled or Demineralized Water

As we stated, tap water may contain minerals that promote mold to grow.

Therefore, you need to use filtered water. This will aid in the maintenance of your humidifier and your air quality.

2. Change Your Water on a Regular Basis

If you use your humidifier regularly or on a daily basis, check the water and change it every day.

This will prevent bacteria from growing and will also prevent mineral deposits from building up.

3. Clean It Weekly

Even if you use distilled or demineralized water, your humidifier will still need to be cleaned every now and then.

You should clean the humidifier at least every week to remove mineral deposits.

4. Change the Humidifier Filter

Filters do not exist on all humidifiers, but if yours does have one, be sure to replace it as often as directed by the manufacturer.

If you don't change it frequently enough, trapped mold and germs may grow in your home, and without hesitation, this is something you want to avoid.

Last Words

Humidifiers are used in homes all over the world to keep family members healthy.

However, you should make sure that you use it properly to get the most out of your humidifier without making your home a breeding ground for germs or bacteria.

We hope you enjoyed this article as much as we did.

Please share any questions with us in the comment section below if you still have any questions.

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