miroT (Smart Home)

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by Miro
  • You can install the miroT chip with Miro appliances to make them into smart appliances. Use your phone or smart speakers to easily control and create a better environment.
  • miroT is compatible with NR08M series humidifiers and Miro Air Purifier (MHPure13).
  • miroT is not compatible with NR07 series humidifiers. 

Customer Reviews

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The miroT chip is the next big thing in home automation. With it, you can easily control your Miro appliances with just your phone or smart speaker. Transform your humidifier into a smart humidifier, and breathe easy knowing that you're taking care of your family's health.

Nina Blair

Wonderful! This humidifier has been a lifesaver for our family. It's so quiet and clean, I don't even mind that it takes up more counter space- in fact this little machine is the perfect addition to any kitchen or bedroom where you need both white noise as well light during nighttime hours (whether reading before bedtime).

Gale Bowen

With thanks to our new Luxurious Humidifier, I am now able breathe easier at night due in large part because it doubles as both a stylish device and attractive light. The water tank can be removed for easy cleaning of only those specific areas where deposit or withdrawal are needed- leaving behind patented design features that make this product last longer than most others on the market today!

Bella Butler
Unique choice

They say that one of the best ways to maintain your home is through proper ventilation and humidity. I would agree with them wholeheartedly if not for all these pesky allergies kicking up in this season! For me, having an effective humidifier has been difficult since my last one required filters which were never clean enough for our living space's conditions- until now... The Miro Digital Humidifier offers easy operation as well as maintenance free operations thanks its built -in technology that automatically maintains desired levels without interruption or human intervention making it ideal even during busy seasons like winter when you're constantly clogging bathrooms dueA

Warren Ewing
A very good choice for anyone

You can't go wrong with this little guy. It's perfect for anyone who has trouble cleaning their devices or just wants something small and quiet! No more struggling to take apart, dishwasher safe (quietly), it floats which makes changing filters much easier than other models on the market