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  • Sanitary washable design. Volcano Cap, Tea-Kettle Cap with noise muffler included.
  • Miro's most powerful, and most DURABLE ultrasonic mist-maker yet. Capacity: 8hr. continuous operation at max-power. 24hr+ at min power. 600 sq. ft. max coverage.
  • Refill the 1 gal(4 liters) bowl without stopping operation
  • Elegant and modern design blending with any circumstances
  • Universal (220v-110v) to 26v DC Electrical Adapter. USA 2-prong plug, UL Certified.

Miro humidifiers feature a revolutionary floating design, and the NR07G model has many features that allow users to customize their experience. The primary design principle is that all parts of the main body (including the ultrasonic mist-maker and fan) are waterproof and washable. It comes apart easily for simple washing in hot soapy water, and easy maintenance. The mist-maker floats inside a bowl and is connected to an external control knob to adjust the intensity of the humidifier. Each Miro humidifier comes with several accessories to meet the needs of various users. We recommend using purified water with your humidifier. Each machine comes with different easily swappable Vapor Caps to direct the vapor out of the top of the machine in different ways. The Tea-Kettle cap points to the side and can be positioned in any direction in 360 degrees, which makes it ideal for installation on a bed-side table, or on a shelf. The Volcano cap points straight up. Miro has a top-opening water tank so can be easily filled without stopping operation. The simple and elegant design blends in with any decors.

Customer Reviews

Based on 98 reviews
James Park
Never received my Miro

Product never arrived. Some ridiculous explanation about not recognizing my address. This has never happened before.

Jinsol Park
Too late

Too late

Great humidifier

Works great! Very easy to clean. I highly recommend it.

Amy Duffy
Requested Return, Poor Customer Service

Received humidifier and was not what I expected or wanted. Followed instructions to request a return/refund. On 5th follow-up to request the return label... none provided. No reply back to address issue.
Pay less for another just as good product and go thru Amazon... at least their return process is seamless and customer friendly.

It causes shortness of breath and coughing. AVOID

I don't have asthma and my lungs are healthy. However, whenever I use the humidifier, it causes crazy coughing and shortness of breath. I bought this humidifier 30 days ago. At first I didn't realize what was happening. My mind didn't even go to the humidifier as the cause. I even considered covid and tested negative. Then I noticed that on days when I didn't use the humidifier, I slept without cough and didn't wake up in the middle of the night. I thought it was random and decided to test it. Sure enough, every time I would use the humidifier, I'd be coughing and have shortness of breath at night. I followed all instructions to the dot as far as how far it is from the wall and from the bed. I only run it for a few hours during the day until humidity reached 30-35% as it's the most optimal level recommended. I cleaned it every 3 days. I used filtered water. It was just a shock to be honest. But then I Googled and found out I'm not the only one. It does happen. What bothers me is that I reached out to customer service asking to return the product for a refund since it's clearly damaging for me and they refused. Their policy is 14 days. I had this humidifier for only 30. I understand it's extra 2 weeks but it took me time to figure out what was causing such scary symptoms. And I don't appreciate the fact that the company clearly doesn't care. As a business, I wouldn't want to be responsible for making someone suffer and create health issues. I didn't have this humidifier for a year and randomly decided to return it. It's been only 30 days. And all this time I was trying to understand what was causing the symptoms. There no compassion, no empathy, no understanding. They told me to ship me myself and that is crazy expensive. They offer free returns within 14 days but even for such extra ordinary circumstances they are not willing to stretch this time frame so I can return this horrible product. I lost over $100 and I'm stuck with the product that literally makes you wake up at night grasping for air and not being able to breath. It's scary. I highly recommend you avoid this inhumane company. I understand not everyone gets the same reaction, but better be safe the sorry. You've been warned.