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by Miro

Original price $172.00
Original price $172.00 - Original price $210.00
Original price $172.00
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Current price $145.00
  • Sanitary washable design. Take apart easily, wash every surface. Refill the 1 gal. bowl without stopping operation. Easy top fill.
  • Miro's most powerful, and most DURABLE ultrasonic mist-maker yet. Capacity: 8hr. continuous operation at max-power. 24hr at min power. 600 sq. ft. max coverage.
  • Touch-panel controls. Colorful softly glowing LEDs. Cycle through the rainbow, choose a favorite color or turn lights off.
  • Opens in one motion, Easy assembling after washing with built-in magnets
  • Universal (220v-110v) to 26v DC Electrical Adapter. USA 2-prong plug, UL Certified.

Color: Black

Customer Reviews

Based on 184 reviews
Bradley Sona
Beat Humidifiers in the world

I hate Humidifiers because they always develop mold and are impossible to clean, however, these are completely and totally, 100% able to be cleaned thoroughly and easily. Truthfully, I put all the pieces in my dishwasher other than the motor, and have for years and they come out perfectly.

I will never buy another brand of humidifier


I’m having to replace the engine module twice already and I bought this 2/2022. Within a year I had to replace 2. And customer service is the worst. They don’t answer your email regarding defects.first module just stopped working (the fan did not rotate) second It keeps saying there is no water in tank when it’s full.
Super cheap and not worth the money.

Jacqueline Gomez
Best. Purchase. Ever.

I bought a different brand prior to the MIRO and was grossed out with how moldy it got instantly, and it was impossible to clean. After research, I came across the MIRO and I’m so happy I found it. It’s quiet, easy to clean and works amazingly!

Vince Fisher

I love this model! The NR08M is super easy to clean which, compared to my old humidifier, has been great. I use this humidifier in my room and it has improved my sleep dramatically. I would recommend the NR08M.

The humidifier I have been looking for

The NR08M has been extremely useful in helping my infant rest. The humidifier works perfectly and keeps the humidity in my infant's room at the perfect level. I also love how Miro's humidifiers are super easy to build and operate. I would definitely recommend this model.