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by Miro

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Current price $250.00
  • Sanitary washable design. Take apart easily, wash every surface. Refill the 5.1L bowl without stopping operation. Easy top fill.
  • Miro humidifiers are the only humidifiers that can be cleaned thoroughly. You can clean every part that touches water with just dish soap and sponge. 
  • Silent operation for you and your family. Perfect for bedrooms, spas, offices, and other large spaces.  
  • NR Max comes with built-in humidity sensor. Set the desired humidity and the humidifier will automatically adjust mist output. 
  • Completely new Miro engine and fan design for maximum, efficient output.
  • Latest Miro NR Series Humidifier.

Customer Reviews

Based on 92 reviews
Ashley P
Love this humidifier

So sleek and clean looking. It’s super quiet and easy to keep clean unlike any other humidifiers I’ve had.

A little hiccup but it's fixed now!

When we first set up the NR MAX, it worked great and then it stopped working a few days later. We received an error that the water level was low, but there was plenty of water in there. After recleaning/resetting up a few times, we reached out to Customer Service. However, we didn't receive any correspondence. We finally reached out the Instagram account via DM and received a swift response. Miro sent us a new fan and everything has been working great since then! We love that it's so easy to clean, and the humidity sensor works great!

Greta L. Giordano
Great Product

Beautifully designed and have noticed an impact on my skin and breathing during the dry winter.
Love it!!

LouAnn Fare
Quiet and calm

Miro NR Max works quietly and steadily. I use distilled water only. I bought it because I had my nose cauterized and this really helped with the healing process.

Eddy Look
Looks great but not fully functioning out of the box.

Looks great and promising however the unit I received has issues right out of the box. Low water indicator comes on and stops working despite the bowl being full of water. Been working with support who has been very responsive. 🤞🏻