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Top 5 Changes You Can Make at Home to Beat the Cold and Flu Season

Top 5 Changes You Can Make at Home to Beat the Cold and Flu Season

This year’s cold and flu season has been affecting people left and right. You might be feeling a bit under the weather despite all the efforts to avoid catching a cold/flu. Here are some changes you can make at home to ensure that you and your loved ones stay healthy 👍

1. Wash Your Hands, Shower Right Away

Make sure to wash your hands right as you get home. Or even better, just take a shower. You collect germs when you are walking or interacting with people in the public. Remember the merchandise you touched during your trip to the grocery store? Remember the hands you shook back at the office?
Washing your hands or taking a shower right away ensures that you don’t spread those germs at your own home. You don’t want the germ to spread throughout your house. So wash your hands and take a shower if you can!

2. Don’t Wear Shoes in the House!

Talk about spreading germs! The bottom of your shoes collects germs from everywhere. Let’s think about all the things that can end up on the bottom of your shoes.

Here’s a brief list:

* Spit from other people.
* Bird poo 💩
* Sewage
* Dirt from…. Literally anywhere

It really doesn’t matter whether you have a hardwood floor or carpeted floor. Germs will stick to your floor and definitely spread all over the place. You don’t want to bring nasty street germs to your home. Take the shoes off and keep your house clean!

3. Clean Your Humidifiers (Get the Cleanest Humidifier by Miro)

Cleaning your humidifier is extremely important. The mist that gets generated goes straight into you and your loved one's lungs. That’s why at Miro we insist on making humidifiers that are modular, waterproof, and easy-to-clean.

We used other humidifiers pre-Miro days. They were extremely difficult to clean and most of us just gave up and bought new humidifiers. They would get moldy so fast and it took over 25-30 minutes just to clean them. At the end of the day, traditional humidifiers were creating moldy mists (they look clean but they are actually filled with germs) Terrible!

Miro humidifiers are different. They are modular so you can just take all the parts apart and wash all corners of the humidifier very easily. It’s as easy as washing your used coffee mugs. It’s easy to clean, so you end up cleaning it very often. Cleaner, fresher mist for everyone! To experience the best mist, make sure to use distilled or purified water. 💦

4. Educate Your Kids on Proper Hand Washing Technique

Adults may follow your house rules but children may not! Make sure you take your time to teach your kids your house rules and explain to them why they exist. Children are likely to listen to your requests if you take your time and help them understand the reasoning behind your requests. Also, show them proper hand washing techniques so they are squeaky clean 🧽

5. Maintain a Balanced Diet (+ Hydrate)

It’s extremely important to maintain a balanced diet. You need to get your nutrition if you want to stay healthy. Cut down on fast food, eat your vegetables and hydrate! People often underestimate the power of a well-balanced diet. Don’t be one of them 🍴

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