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woman putting together the Miro NR08M Humidifier

No Need For Bleach

Bleach has been long suggested as the key ingredient to cleaning and sanitizing your home appliances and other surfaces around your home. When used properly, by distilling the bleach with water, bleach kills germs and bacteria while keeping your appliances safe for use.

Bleach can also be used to clean your humidifier, this is best for humidifiers that have nooks and crannies you are unable to reach with a brush or a sponge. You want to be sure that your humidifier is clean to avoid breathing in mist that has been contaminated by stale water and gunk buildup inside your humidifier. Though instead of having to soak your humidifier with bleach, Miro humidifiers offer a quick and easy solution for keeping your machine clean and your mist pure.

Why Miro Humidifiers Don’t Need Bleach

Miro humidifiers come apart completely, meaning that every component can be disassembled from the main body. This might seem intimidating, because how many parts do humidifiers actually have? The answer is not many. Miro Humidifiers are comprised of twelve parts altogether, including the noise muffler and splashguard. Miro’s simple design allows for easier, quicker, and more thorough cleaning. Then, when you are done washing each piece you can put it all back together with a few twists and snaps.

Miro has two models of humidifiers available in the United States, the NR07G and the NR08M. Both have similar designs and performance, deciding between one or the other is simply a matter of preference in looks.

How To Clean Your Miro Humidifier

What You Need

  • Soap
  • A sink or a tub large enough to fit the bowl inside for washing
  • Sponge or soft bristle brush


  1. Take apart the entire humidifier.
  2. Wash each piece by hand with soap and water.
  3. Towel dry the outside surfaces.
  4. Put it back together.

Be sure not to get the base of the humidifier or the adapters wet. Additionally, you should clean and dry the unit before storing and before taking out of storage for use.

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