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Keeping Your Baby Safe From Germs

Keeping Your Baby Safe From Germs

They are impossible to see, but germs are a constant part of our everyday lives. Even though most germs pose little threat to your health, it is still important to be mindful of germs and their potential consequences. This becomes even more necessary if you are raising an infant. Understanding and protecting your newborn’s immune system is necessary to ensure your baby’s health. This includes understanding the potential consequences of germs and ways to protect your baby from them. Luckily, this article will explain just that and offer some tips that you can implement in your home to be germ-free.

Your Baby’s Immune System

Your infant’s immune system is still developing when they are born. This means that babies are more vulnerable to the health effects of bacteria and viruses. Babies, in fact, actually do need some interaction with germs to build a healthy immune system (Weiss). This doesn’t mean, however, that you should let your baby expose itself to as many germs as possible because germs can still pose a health risk to your infant. For the first few months of life, it is vital to do as much as possible to protect your baby from germs and bacteria because the health consequences could be severe. By doing so, you can make sure that your baby develops in a healthy way.

What You Can Do to Limit Germs

  • Clean
        • The most obvious thing to do to prevent germs is to clean. Surfaces that are frequently touched should be cleaned often. For example, toys that your baby plays with a lot should be cleaned consistently. Frequent hand washing for both the baby and the people who interact with the baby is a must.
  • Air
        • It may be overlooked, but the air inside your home could contain bacteria and pathogens. Limit pollution inside your home by restricting the use of gas-powered appliances as that could negatively affect your baby’s health. You might also want to consider a humidifier for your home. Humidifiers restrict the movement of bacteria and pathogens that are present in the air. The perfect choice for your home would be the Miro NR Max. The Miro NR Max is equipped with a humidity sensor, touch controls, and Miro’s cutting-edge technology that allows almost the entire device to be cleaned with just soap and water. If you are looking to get a humidifier, Miro is your best bet.
  • Visitors
        • Your baby should only interact with a limited amount of people. The more people your baby interacts with, the more likely your baby is to catch something that could negatively affect its health. When your baby does interact with people, make sure that everyone washes their hands thoroughly.
  • Pets
        • Be mindful of your pets. Pets can transmit germs and bacteria. To be safe, it would be best to not let your newborn interact with your pet at all.
  • Home
      • For the first few months of your baby's life, your baby should be almost entirely at home. Taking your baby outside of the home can pose too great a risk to your baby’s health.
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