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Indoor Air Improvements From the Use and Care of Home Humidifiers

Indoor Air Improvements From the Use and Care of Home Humidifiers

All About Humidifier Cleaning

Humidifiers have been commonly used in many of our homes to relieve the physical discomforts of dry nose, lips, throat, and skin. The moisture humidifiers add to dry air also helps alleviate common problems brought on by heating, such as static electricity as well as degradation of wallpaper, paint, and furniture.

Follow the recommendations for the use and care of home humidifiers provided by EPA to reduce the dispersal of microorganisms and minerals from your humidifier.

Can I Use Tap Water in My Humidifier?

  • The EPA has not concluded that “using tap water in ultrasonic or impeller humidifiers poses a serious health risk.” However, researchers have documented that these humidifiers are very efficient at dispersing minerals in tap water into the air. In order to minimize this from happening, Miro recommends using distilled or purified water. Using distilled or purified water will also prolong your humidifier’s lifespan.

EPA’s Recommendations for Cleaning Your Humidifier (Improving Air Quality)

  1. “Empty the tank, wipe all surfaces dry, and refill the water in portable humidifiers daily to reduce any growth of microorganisms; follow the manufacturer’s instructions for changing water in console humidifiers. Be sure you unplug the unit from the electrical socket first.”


    Miro humidifiers are the easiest to clean because of its modular design. In fact, other humidifiers attach their mist making fan into the electrical component. This fan gets dusty and moldy really quickly. Unfortunately, users cannot gain access to the mist making fan of our competitors’ humidifiers because of their faulty design. They also cannot clean it since water cannot get on the electrical components. Miro humidifiers, on the other hand, can be cleaned with extreme ease. Just take it apart, wash it like dishes using dish soap and sponge, and put it back together. All under 10 minutes. No bleach or chemicals needed.

  2. “Use water with low mineral content to prevent the build-up of scale and the dispersal of minerals into the air.”

    Using distilled or purified water will also help with cleaning as mineral build ups will occur less frequently. It will also improve your humidifier’s lifespan. If your Miro humidifier stops working, you can always contact us at for help. Remember that your humidifier comes with a free one year warranty.

    If your Miro humidifier is out of warranty, you can contact us at We will help you diagnose the problem. After the diagnosis, you can purchase one module of the humidifier and have a brand new humidifier once again. You never have to buy another humidifier with Miro.

  3. “Do not humidify to indoor relative humidity levels exceeding 50 percent.”

    Higher humidity levels may encourage the growth of microorganisms in your house. You should always ventilate your environment when using a humidifier.
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