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NR07 Series Humidifiers Manual

Please find the NR07 Series Humidifiers ManualClick the bolded text to access the NR07 Series (NR07G, NR07S) humidifiers manual.

NR07 Series Humidifiers | Learn Miro


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Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Eric Ruben
Humidifier works perfectly, but customer service is nonexistent

The humidifier seems to work perfectly. However, customer service is nonexistent here. Before you buy, just try to contact the company - by phone, email, web form, social media....and if you can't reach them, what do you think will happen if you have a problem?

Amanda Friedman
Product never arrived and they won’t refund me

I ordered this humidifier weeks ago, the tracking shows it was shipped to a different state. I’ve reached out to Miro support via email and their website intercom and have received zero support. I asked for a refund because I’ve received no support on finding my purchase and no one will respond to me about my refund. I’ve been reaching out to them every few days and nothing. Not sure if they just took $160 from me or what is going on. Very disappointing.

Sue Shankar
Excellent product, excellent customer service

I've had a great experience with miro so far! My humidifier works perfectly, is super quiet and gets the room feeling much more comfortable. I ordered mine on Amazon and the main mechanical piece broke very quickly (maybe 45 days after purchase). Miro customer service was amazing, they identified the issue via a video upload and shipped me a replacement part with no extra issues. I've had 0 issues since then. Highly recommend!

Travis Michaud
I like it

It works pretty well and is easy to clean.

Alan B
Would have been a five-star rating . . .

When I opened the box of the Miro NR07G, I found the water bowl cover [cover] incorrectly placed on top of the water bowl such that one side of the water bowl cover was forced over the upper edge of the water bowl. The shipping box was not damaged at all, so I suspect this occurred during packing before shipping. I was able to pull the cover off; but now either the cover or the water bowl is slightly warped. The cover does not sit evenly on the water bowl, so that there is a slight gap about half way around the “seam” between the cover and the water bowl. This is cosmetic, not functional, but it makes the unit look a bit cheap. I immediately emailed [****], and eight days later as I am currently typing this review, I have received no response from Miro. The unit is functioning just fine, and I am 100% pleased with that aspect of the product. Customer service, however, is non-existent. Thus, I remove one star from what would have been a five-star rating.