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NR08M (CW) + NR07G

$199.00 $344.00

For a limited time, you can get two humidifiers (NR08M CW + NR07G) for only $199!

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Have been looking for this forever

I have finally found what I need! I love how easy this is to clean. Would buy again

Easy to clean, doesn't raise humidity

The concept is great. It is very easy to clean; however, it does not raise the humidity levels. I have multiple hygrometers and the humidity level right next to the humidifiers doesn't change but by maybe 5%. So all in all, I'm not impressed.

Thank you for sharing your concerns, Tanya. The relative humidity in a room is decided by multiple factors. We recommend repositioning your humidifier to a higher level and leaving them on 24/7. If there are any windows open or continuous outdoor airflow, we recommend closing the window to raise humidity. Our humidifier is more powerful than majority of our competitors. If the suggestions do not work, please reach out to our support center (

Miro is the best

I have used many other humidifiers and Miro is simply the best especially for people like me who are lazy but care quality. So easy to clean. After a few weeks, I had to order two more and now I am obsessed with the Miro products. Even went on the Korean website to check out for the next new models.

Needs Night Mode

Love the functionality, performance and ease of cleaning. We have owned many humidifiers and none have been as easy to clean, which for me is a the most important feature. There is a bit of a learning curve when cleaning, as there are many parts. It can be simple once you get hang of it and don’t need to keep referring to the instruction manual. Also, love the amount of vapor the device can put out. Very helpful in dry AZ.
My only complaint, is I wish the devices had a night mode. Neither model does and it is rather bright in a dark room, which can be bothersome at times. We had to get creative with the one in our daughters room to block all the light (both from the remote and the wall plug).

Great humidifiers!

I love the Miro humidifiers. They are the only ones were I am able to clean every component. Beyond cleaning, they are quiet and very efficient. Shipping is fast. I recommend these!