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The humidifier I have been looking for

The NR08M has been extremely useful in helping my infant rest. The humidifier works perfectly and keeps the humidity in my infant's room at the perfect level. I also love how Miro's humidifiers are super easy to build and operate. I would definitely recommend this model.


We have been looking for a humidifier that is easy to clean but still produces enough mist to humidify our home. You do not know how difficult this is to find! Luckily, we found the Miro NR08M which has met all our needs. We bought the NR08M Black model and it has been perfect.

Broken after a year and 3 months, no support

One day it simply stopped working. Emailed support and they said the fan was broken (although how they know that I'm not quite sure - the light saying Low Water simply wouldn't turn on), and because I was past my 1 year warranty (it had been a year and 3 months) I'd need to buy another fan.

And honestly, we rarely ran the thing. Would run it at nights in the winter, but spring through fall it basically sat on the shelf. Frustrating to pay a premium price for a mediocre product. Only thing it really has going for it is it's easy-ish to clean.

Waste of money, get a real brand with real support

I ordered two of these, and one finally broke. I reached out to support and they barely responded, and when they do respond they tell you test something that makes no sense so you respond to ask how and never hear back. Lol. One unit stopped working, so support told me to test the controller and fan separately to see what is broke since i have two unit. Uhm the controller and fan is one part how do you test it separately to see? I asked and have not heard back. I had other ultrasonic humidifiers and they rarely broke, and if they did, I reached out to support and they were on top of it. I am very disappointed. Looks like they just want to sell and no support. Get a real brand humidifer.

Great product

I originally bought the humidifier in 2018 and now the replacement motor 2023! It is a fantastic product, it provides a great amount of cool mist, it is easy to clean, it is quiet and you can get a replacement motor so I am not creating waste buying another humidifier. I definitely recommend this product!

Greta L. Giordano
Great Product

Beautifully designed and have noticed an impact on my skin and breathing during the dry winter.
Love it!!


The MH7000 was the perfect choice for our home. We have a 2-month-old and we were worried about the risks humidifiers pose to children. We looked at models like Vicks VWM845 but stayed away because of the potential hazards associated with warm mist humidifiers. Luckily, we came across the MH7000, an ultrasonic humidifier that poses no risk for our infant. The MH7000 was easy to assemble and clean as every part can be washed with just water and soap. This model also comes with UV capabilities– a must if you have a newborn. Our baby, unfortunately, suffers from dryness in her nose and this humidifier has been a lifesaver! Now, we don't have to worry about our infant breathing in any bacteria or her dry nose!

John Canavan


miroT (Smart Home)
Nelson Cheung
Let there be light

Never knew the colors can be selected until I had the Miro T. Also great that there's a schedule as I always forget to turn it off. The only issue I have is the app is laggy

Wonderful purifier

Delighted with my purifier! I love the sleek design and knowing what it is doing for the quality of my air. Wonderful product.

Miro Humidifier 4th Generation Engine Module (Compatible for NR07 & NR08 Series)

Kimberly Pleva


Easy fix.

Easy install fixed problem right away. Part was priced right too. Humidity is a good thing in our house especially in winter.

Great humidifier

Runs well and quietly. Missing one part.

miroT (Smart Home)
Keri-anne Van Cleave
Logged out

While I loved the miroT originally, the app logged me out after two days and I cannot access my account. The schedule I had set the humidifier to, is still working but I can’t access or change it. I had to re-setup another account to have access to the humidifier again.

Sara Johns
Breathe easy

Air is moist. Plants and skin happy!

Nathan Laffin
yes and no


way too complicated/complex
unnecessary parts/assembly
lacking basic UI (fill line? clear icons?)

Elizabeth Giambrone
Lasting relief for dry nights

Easy to clean? Definitely. Easy to use? Definitely. The real challenge was pulling it out after a summer/spring in storage... but it still works just like new! Super impressed. Love the cool mist. I only wish there was a shorter version of the slanted output neck :)

elin kim
love this item!

It's really easy to clean so that I can put it in my baby's room without any concerns.
Also, the design is simple! I'd like to purchase one more if it is on sale !

Barbara Cheadle
A Real Bargain

I wanted an easy to clean humidifier, but I got so much more with Miro. It was a dream to clean and reassemble after 2 weeks of continuous use. (Although there was not a hint of slime or mold, I was nervous that I had waited that long before cleaning.). Another bonus was the tiny, pinhead size light. I need it dark to get to sleep, and this tiny light was perfect. And I could not believe how quiet it was. My husband has a sleep machine, and I don't need another device adding more decibels in our sleep environment. I initially debated getting it because of the price, but the value in quality and features make this bargain. Love it.



LouAnn Fare
Quiet and calm

Miro NR Max works quietly and steadily. I use distilled water only. I bought it because I had my nose cauterized and this really helped with the healing process.

MH7000 (UV+ Tech)
Sydney Lynch
Best Option

So far we are really enjoying the humidifier. I love that it is easy to clean, has a stainless steel bowl, and UV light. It feels like it will last for a long time. It's not perfect, but after tons of research this is definitely the best option out there. I love that we can put it on the floor instead of having to place it on a table or shelf.

The temperature and humidity detection seems off compared to our thermostats and sensors in the same room, which is unfortunate. For example, right now the humidifier says 59 degrees and 65% humidity while the thermostat just a few feet away reads 68 degrees and 40% humidity.

The instructions were not super clear on how to clean the basin for the first time and the QR code in the manual linked to a broken page, but I was able to figure it out eventually. Putting the entire stainless steel pot on my gas burner felt wrong, but it turned out just fine.

Angela Lazzaro
Love how easy to clean

This is my second Miro my other one got lost this summer when moving :(. I recommend this product to everyone works great and super easy to clean

Asya Usvitsky
I love my NR07G humidifier

This humidifier works so much better than my old one. I only use it when I sleep and I can tell the difference when I wake up in the morning. I'm a light sleeper, but It's very quiet. It doesn't disturb my sleep at all. I really like how you can fill it without disassembling it and how you can see the max fill level on the top tube. It uses less water than my old one, too, so I save on buying distilled water. I wanted a humidifier without a light (which would keep me awake) and one that is easy to clean, and the NR07G meets those conditions.