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Practically New, at Fraction of the Cost

All Miro-certified refurbished appliances go through rigorous process to ensure that they are of highest quality.

We make every effort to maintain exceptionally affordable pricing for our refurbished units. It's important to note that the shipping fee directly supports the dedicated team responsible for refurbishing these units, as well as the costs associated with warehousing. Although we are successful in minimizing the unit's price, we're unable to adjust the shipping costs, as they reflect the labor involved in the process. We appreciate your understanding in this matter.

Please watch the video below to learn more about how your refurbished products are audited, cleaned, and sent to you.

Practically New

Miro certified refurbished goods are in very good condition.

100% Process

Watch our refurbishing process above.

Low Prices

Our refurbished items are offered at highly competitive prices.

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