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NR08M (CW) + NR07G

$199.00 $344.00

For a limited time, you can get two humidifiers (NR08M CW + NR07G) for only $199!

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Lisa Jinn
Best deal for great humidifiers!

I have used D brand expensive humidifiers for years. It does its work but Miro humidifiers I got recently are just amazing. They are quiet, very easy to clean (one of the cons of D brand humidifier was the difficulty of cleaning), and design is simple and modern (goes well with your interior). Can't be more happier with the purchase especially with this great bundle deals!

Love them!

I love these humidifiers so much! They are quiet, easy to use, very effective and clean! 5 star without a doubt!

Just what I needed..

First time using a humidifier here in AZ love it. I’m able to breath better = sleep better. Overall good product.

Love it!

I've been eyeing the MIRO humidifiers for a long time now. Mostly because our old humidifier, though great, was a drab to clean. My husband would often leave it on the kitchen counter for days before getting around to cleaning it, and once that happened, it would sit in vinegar for another couple days. All around gross. Now we have something that's super easy to clean, and put back together. I love how quiet it is, and really does the job! I can't decide which model like better. Right now, we have the 07 in the baby room since it doesn't give off as much light, and the 08 in our bedroom, where I like to have the illuminating lights on before bed. Highly recommend.

Ingride Richardson
Have been looking for this forever

I have finally found what I need! I love how easy this is to clean. Would buy again